Founded in 2000, Studio 1R offers just the right sound for any type of event. From slow dancing to uptempo beats, I know what it takes to get feet on the dance floor. Offering some of the best Wedding & Events DJ services in New York, I know that a great event is always better with the right music. Planning an event? Let me help you get the party started. Get in touch and let’s make yours an event to remember.


I started my Wedding & Events DJ business in 2000 with nothing but a dream and a love for music. It wasn’t long before people from all over New York started approaching me to help them find the right sound for their special events.

I always knew that music was my calling, but I had no idea I could build a whole career on it. Now, I get the chance to do what I love for a variety of audiences, from weddings and bar mitzvahs to dances and corporate functions. My dream? To keep creating amazing musical experiences for every client I meet. Contact me and let’s discuss what I can do for you.

A New York Area DJ with Experience

Having a laptop doesn’t automatically make you a DJ. Don't make the mistake of choosing someone inexperienced who could ruin your perfect party or special day. Studio 1R’s DJ has decades of experience in all genres, so we are always the right choice to get your guests moving!

Special event

Kick your special event up a notch with lively music by Studio 1R. From wedding music to corporate event planning, our DJ takes care of everything, creating hours of entertainment for your guests.